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Article that explains that the problem statement of this survey is ‘How far are the specific objectives of English courses achieved by the primary students (4-5 grades) recently in Istanbul?’ “Does the first stage state primary school students’ achievement level of the specific English courses differ according to students’ personal characteristics? Survey method was used in this study. Data collection instrument was a Personal Information Form with 6 items (gender, grade, mother’s and father’s education level, family income level, existence of a family member who can speak English) developed by Senem Seda Sahenk Erkan. ‘Evaluation of Primary School Students’ Achievement of Objectives in English Lessons’ was prepared by the researcher. A 5-point Likert-type scale [(1) Strongly Disagree (2) Disagree Slightly Agree (3) Slightly Agree (4) Agree (5) Strongly Agree] was used.
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students, EFL, primary schools
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